In honor of the real work.

My first harvest job was picking grapes and running trucks full of grape bins to wineries throughout Oregon.  It was a crash course in "the wine life".  Alberto was the first guy to show me how to identify grapes on the vine, the first guy to show me how to pick grapes, the first guy to show me how to strap down bins, and how to not ride the brakes. This wine is named after him.  This wine is a beast. This vintage is a co-fermentation of Tempranillo and Grenache, all from the northern edge of the Willamette Valley.  This wine was native fermented in four+ year used French oak for xxxxxxxxxxx months. It is unfiltered and unfined (vegan) and has no added sulfur. 

*This is not a BLEND…this is a CO-FERMENTATION. BIG difference.



Mixed Berry Cobbler
Smoked Concord Grapes
A Purple Leather Jacket
Granma’s Blueberry Pancakes
Cherry Wood Smoked Brisket
Dusty Tannins


Tech Specs

Appellation: Willamette Valley
Cornelius (Loess)
Vineyard: REDACTED
250 feet (76m)
Grapes: Tempranillo, Graciano, Grenache
Harvest Date:
, 2018
Brix at Harvest:
Ambient Yeast
Maturation Vessel:
4+yr French Oak
Alcohol (by volume):
Acidity Scale (pH):
Sulfur Dioxide (SO₂):
<2 mg/L
Fining Agent:
Unfined (Vegan)
Filtering Method:
FineCorkX (99.99% TCA free)
Certification: L.I.V.E
Bottling Date:
Release Date:
Suggested Retail $:
25.00 USD

Bottle Shots

A highly enjoyable no sulfur added wine.

If I didn’t tell you that, you probably wouldn’t have been able to guess it…..